Nourishing Environments & Nourishing Lives

Course Description

The training will focus on the provider's important roles during mealtime, which include creating a positive mealtime environment and role modeling healthful behaviors. In addition, this  training will cover the importance of nutrition communication and menu development, including planning, purchasing, storing, preparing, serving, cleaning and policy development and implementation. 

This is a Step 2 training for the Child Care Physical Activity Health Code ordinance for licensed child care facilities in the cities of Fargo and West Fargo, North Dakota.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Facilitate a positive mealtime environment
  • Identify positive role-modeling behaviors that are appropriate for mealtime in child care settings
  • Understand the importance of nutrition communication with families
  • Perform menu development skills by creating a balance cycle menu
  • Implement money-saving techniques during meal and menu development 


  • Hours/Credits/CEUs: 1 Hour
  • Tier: Registered—Not for Career Pathways Placement
  • Course Type: Approved Clock Hours
  • Applies Toward: General Course
  • Core Competency Areas: Health, Safety, and Nutrition (1 Hour) 
  • CDA Subject Areas: Planning a safe, healthy learning environment (1 Hour)

Who is this Course For?

  • Directors of child care facilities
  • Center staff of child care facilities
  • Family/Group who care for children
  • Infant or toddler child care providers
  • Preschool child care providers

What Ages are Addressed in this Course?

  • Infants (0–18 months) 
  • Toddlers (19–36 months)
  • Preschoolers (3yrs to 5yrs)

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Course curriculum

  • 2
    Part 1: What to Expect During Mealtimes
    • Typical Eating Behaviors for Children Ages 1–8 years
  • 3
    Part 2: Positive Mealtime Influences
    • Overview
    • Positive Verbiage During Mealtime
    • Facilitating A Positive Mealtime Environment
    • Positive Mealtime Environment Characteristics
    • Benefits of Positive Role Modeling
    • **Test Your Knowledge!**
    • Encouraging Adventurous Tasting
    • Activity: Go and Whoa Foods
    • Serving Food Family Style
    • **Test Your Knowledge!**
  • 4
    Part 3: Importance of Nutrition Communication
    • Communicating with Parents
    • **Test Your Knowledge!**
  • 5
    Part 4: Menu Development
    • Benefits and Basic Principles of Menu Development
    • Cycle Menus
    • **Test Your Knowledge!**
    • Creating A Cycle Menu
    • Resources for Menu Planning
    • **Test Your Knowledge!**
  • 6
    Part 5: Reducing Food Costs
    • Cost-Saving and Food Purchasing Tips
    • Food Storage and Safety Tips
    • **Test Your Knowledge!**
    • Understanding Food and Infant Formula Packaging Dates
  • 7
    Part 6: Preparing and Serving Meals for Children
    • Overview
    • Safe and Sanitary Ways to Serve Food
    • Serving Meals to Children
    • 7 Things to Remember When Serving Food
    • Dishwashing and Cleanup
  • 8
    Part 7: Forming Healthy Policies
    • Influencing Behavior Through Policy-Making
    • Policy Components and Considerations
    • Sample Policy Ideas
  • 9
    Closing Thoughts
    • Reflection and Essential Resources
    • Course Complete!
    • References

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